Huda New Levantine Bistro is a neighborhood bistro serving inventive interpretations of Levantine home cooking.

The Levant, which is French for “the rising” includes Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan along the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Owner, Gehad Hadidi
Huda was inspired by owner Gehad Hadidi’s childhood spent with his grandmother in Damascus. 
This Is his second restaurant In New York, following the revitilization of La Bonne Soupe In Midtown, a New York City Institution since 1973.

Prior to his restaurant career, Gehad spent his childhood between Detroit and Damascus until he moved to Beirut in his early 20’s. It was there that he found a place where his two worlds were combined and he immediately fell in love.

When the Syrian civil war erupted next door, he made the decision to move to New York where he started a new career as an urban planner working on affordable housing, homelessness and electric vehicle infrastructure in New York City. Having decided that he preferred having a more active role in community building, he was lured in to the restaurant industry. 
Chef Omneyah Hassan
Chef Omneyah Hassan was born and raised in Queens from Egyptian parents that hail from Alexandria. She previously worked in the kitchens at Pasquale Jones and Legacy Records.

She draws inspiration from her family’s time spent around the dining table, sharing food and gossip.